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Timber Development Association (NSW) PDF Print E-mail
The Timber Development Association (NSW) is an industry funded association representing all segments of the timber industry.

The TDA provides timber-related services to the timber industry, timber traders, tradespeople, architects, teachers, students and the general public with the aim of promoting the educated use of timber and timber-related products. Take a moment to visit timber.net.au the TDA's database of timber-related information.

Centre of Excellence: Fire and acoustics and post-consumer wood
Timber Queensland PDF Print E-mail
Timber Queensland is funded by the forest and timber industries. It represents most segments (including sawmills, loggers, treaters, fabricators and wholesalers) of the industry to government and the wider community. A key role of Timber Queensland is to support and encourage the development and expansion of the forest industry as a means of securing the long-term business viability of its members.

Centre of Excellence: Codes, standards and regulations
Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board PDF Print E-mail
The Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board is a body corporate established by an Act of the Tasmanian Government in 1970. The aim of the Board, as set out in the Act, is to promote the use of wood, in Tasmania and elsewhere. It is charged particularly with promoting timber produced in Tasmania. To discharge this aim, the Board:
  1. researches into the use of wood and its derivatives: sawn timber and timber products;
  2. markets timber and timber products; and
  3. disseminates information on using timber and timber products.
The Board is funded by a Government imposed levy, collected from the sale of all crown saw logs.

Centre of Excellence: Design innovation
Wood Products Victoria PDF Print E-mail
Wood Products Victoria aims to ensure that sustainable timber and wood products grown, harvested, processed, manufactured or sold within Victoria or by Victorian-based businesses are supported by:
  1. informed research
  2. credible technical publications
  3. comprehensive customer information, and
  4. positive product and market development.

Centre of Excellence:Sustainability and education
A3P PDF Print E-mail
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A3P - Australian Plantation Products and Paper Industry Council is the peak national body for Australia’s plantation products and paper industry.

A3P Members employ more than 13,500 people in plantations, sawmills and paper manufacturing plants, mainly in rural and regional areas. A3P Members create and sell more than $4 billion of products, produce more than 12 million cubic metres of logs, 3 million cubic metres of sawn timber and more than 2 million tonnes of paper.
Australian Timber Importers Federation PDF Print E-mail
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The Australian Timber Importers Federation is responsible for coordinating the State activities of timber importers and wholesalers and identifying issues that are of National significance and therefore can be best handled nationally (e.g. matters associated with customs, shipping and AQIS).
Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia PDF Print E-mail
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The Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia is an industry driven organisation, voluntarily funded by plywood & LVL manufacturers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea and supported by affiliate members who are suppliers of goods and services to the industry.
National Association of Forest Industries PDF Print E-mail
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The National Association of Forest Industries provides a voice for Australia's renewable and sustainable forest industries. NAFI is committed to ensuring forestry has strong representation in political and public engagement to ensure this vital industry is supported in order to achieve the best possible outcome for Australia's economy and the environment.

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